There are many reasons you might need the services of a plumber. From that constantly dripping tap to a burst water pipe, we look at the 5 most common reasons you might require a plumbing professional to visit your home.

Reason 1:  A leaking pipe

Leaky pipes aren’t always an emergency, but they do always require attention. Obviously, water that’s jetting from a pipe needs an instant response – after you’ve turned off the water at the main stopcock, that is. (You DO know where that is, right? If not, you should make yourself aware of it asap).

However, such dramatic events are, thankfully, rare. Much more common is a small leak – and these often go unnoticed until they begin to cause a problem. Most pipe leaks come from joints – in other words, where one pipe is joined to another or fits into an appliance. If you notice a leak, you might want to consider a filler or temporary patch to deal with the issue whilst you wait for a plumber’s appointment.

Leaks – even very small ones – can cause a huge amount of damage to a property. From floors to walls to your property, don’t leave a leak to worsen – call a trusted plumbing service and get if fixed once and for all.

Reason 2: Low water pressure

A shower that’s nothing more than a trickle certainly doesn’t make for a great washing experience. Low water pressure is the most common culprit, and this also effects every other water source in the home. The reasons are not always obvious, and can range from pipe corrosion, leaks and more. Low water pressure almost always requires the services of a plumber to rectify.

Reason 3: A dripping tap

This is certainly one of the most annoying plumbing issues. Not only that, but a dripping tap is also a waste of water. If you’re handy with tools you might be able to fix this by replacing the tap itself, or a joint, if that’s where the leak has occurred. However, for a long-lasting solution, nothing beats the professional touch of a plumber.

Reason 4: A blocked drain

One of the most obvious ways that we notice a clogged or partially clogged drain is when water doesn’t drain freely from the sink, bath or shower. Or it might come to your attention because of the smell – certainly not something you want in or around your living accommodation.

Food debris, hair, a build-up of shampoos and washing products are common culprits that cause blockages. The key is to get the water moving again – and fast – as a blockage is only likely to get worse. There are various home remedy tools on the market that might help you do the job yourself. But for serious blockages, or ones that are deep within a pipe or in a outside drain, then calling a plumber is usually the best bet.

Reason 5: A constantly running toilet

This is one of the most common reasons we waste water. Not only is it ecologically unsound, a constant flow from the loo costs you money as well. One of the most common reasons is that the valve that opens and closes for water to flow from tank to bowl is faulty. Other causes are a loose fill tube or that the float in the cistern is out of kilter or clogged with corrosion.

The cure is to replace the faulty part. This might be something a keen DIYer can do themselves. But if you’re not sure, then a plumber will quickly solve the problem for you.

The key to good plumbing fixes is to use a quality service that you can trust. A2Z Plumbing is a Currambine-based family firm that’s built a reputation for providing the highest of workmanship combined with competitive prices and great customer service.

So, the next time you need a plumber, think A2Z. Give us a call on 0421 799 060 to find out more.